Psychedelic Milwaukee Band, Social Caterpillar, Releases Seven-Track EP “Welcome To The Petting Zoo”


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A few months ago I traveled to Detroit, MI, to see a house show put on by local musician Kevin Brown. Continue reading


Capaul Releases 10 Year Anniversary Redux of One More Empty Grave


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Local punk band, Capaulcelebrates a decade since the release of the legendary album One More Empty Grave with a delightfully different rendition of their freshman LP. 

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New Tunes: “I Can Feel a Hot One”

Check out this video from Myke Doyle, the resident chief-of-all-things-cool here at IMBH.

Myke’s been writing and performing for so long, he’s starting to get gray hairs. This video is for the song “I Can Feel a Hot One” and is courtesy of his SLANTFACE :/ page on YouTube. 

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