Local Man Claims Victory Over Despotic Utility Company After Staunchly-worded Letter Goes Viral; Named Community Hero and Unanimously Declared Mayor


Dictated But Not Read



To whom it may concern:

I have been a compliant customer long enough. During the fall, I signed up for On Demand with unlimited channels for the first three months. Within this three month period, I have encountered inadequate service, to say the least—not to mention an ungodly amount of ignorance and stupidity.  Continue reading


Psychedelic Milwaukee Band, Social Caterpillar, Releases Seven-Track EP “Welcome To The Petting Zoo”


Image courtesy of Social Caterpillar

A few months ago I traveled to Detroit, MI, to see a house show put on by local musician Kevin Brown. Continue reading

“We Watched” by Don Cellini


Don Cellini is a poet, translator and photographer. He is the author of Approximations / Aproximaciones (2005) and Inkblots (2008) both collections of bilingual poems published by March Street Press. Continue reading