IMBH’s Myke Doyle Interviews with Capaul’s Corner

Friend of It Must Be Heartbreaking, Ben Capaul, recently invited world traveler and IMBH editor, Myke Doyle, to participate in the maiden voyage of his new YouTube channel – Capaul’s Corner. 

Capaul’s Corner will be bringing you the latest news and updates from emerging authors, musicians and artists. 

Check out episode 1 and IMBH’s interview below: 

Be sure to subscribe to Capaul’s Corner on YouTube, in order to stay up to date with their channel. 


Are you a writer or poet? Maybe a musician or artist? IMBH is currently accepting submissions for publications to its online platforms. Visit our submissions page to learn more.

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“Wings” by Daniel Sokoloff


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“When I Was Twenty-One” by Clarissa Jakobsons

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