Psychedelic Milwaukee Band, Social Caterpillar, Releases Seven-Track EP “Welcome To The Petting Zoo”


Image courtesy of Social Caterpillar

A few months ago I traveled to Detroit, MI, to see a house show put on by local musician Kevin Brown. Kevin was hosting not just a show in his bedroom for a couple of friends  but also a Facebook Live streamed event. There I was able to see Social Caterpillar perform and found myself entirely entranced, not just by the fantastic rotary light background lighting, but by what I heard. Social Caterpillar had traveled from Milwaukee, WI, just to be a part of this unique event, and personally, I can’t wait for them to come back around.

I had a chance to talk with Kyle Smith, guitarist and lead vocalist of Social Caterpillar to give us some insight on the band and their recently released album, Welcome to the Petting Zoo.


IMBH: Explain to us who you are.

KS: Social Caterpillar is Kyle Smith, Eric Ash, Whisper Crystal, Centaur, Eli Smith, and K-Rad.

IMBH: What type of music do you make?

KS: The music we make is psychedelic chamber music for the disobedient youth. There’s a wide range of influences from everyone. While with any of them I feel like I hear a new artist. They know a lot of music which is good because I can be a little trapped sometimes.

IMBH: Where are you from? How did that influence your sound?

KS: We’re from Milwaukee, WI. The city influences our sound by being cold and dark for a good portion of the year and trying to find some fun and happiness through music. This band has been becoming more fun with the recent addition of members. Some of the songs we have are from a few years ago when it was just me writing, at that point Eric had start playing violin with me and we started playing some shows as a two piece. It was a two piece until this past April when Whisper Crystal joined on drums and Centaur on some maracas. Recently, in the past few months K-Rad joined on cello and Eli with the bass. We are currently trying to fill up our 25 piece choir.

IMBH: Why do you create?

KS: I don’t know why everyone else in the band creates. I do it because it’s fun and a good way to take my mind off all the bullshit. I love the head space I can get to with friends in this band and it’s the best way to share and communicate. You have to be able to listen to other people in a band and I think when you start listening to someone other than yourself all the time it really helps in many ways musical and just in real life. 


You can stream the entire Welcome to the Petting Zoo EP  by visiting Social Caterpillar’s Bandcamp page. 



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