“A Son is Born, the Second” by Elisabeth Horan


Elisabeth J. Ferrell-Horan is a stay at home mom in Vermont raising two young boys, feeding her animals and dreaming in poetry. When not writing, she finds peace and inspiration working with her three very special horses: Deuce, Flynnie and Bees. They speak to her without using words. Elisabeth has a BA in American Literature from Southern Oregon State College and an MA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She also attended Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico as an undergrad.


A Son is Born, the Second

by Elisabeth Horan

My son cannot remember the day he came to
lose his mother.

My son only knows I was sad before
and that now I’m feeling better.

I alone know the secret; the
date of the day he lost me –
and I’ll tell you since I trust you:

It was the day my second was born
came out shrieking – ghouls after me, the sinner;
a lion roaring in the night – over a
mauled honey badger.

Ah yes, he was lifted right out of the smiling incision
and laid skin to skin, on my breast.

And I remember thinking he looked odd, like a football player
helmeted with hair –
laying on the nurses table; red and writhing
a salamander underfoot.
And then I remember
my firstborn pointed at him and said… “out.”


To see more of Elisabeth, and her work, visit her website by clicking here.

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