“Those Eyes” by Mykel Doyle


Mykel (Mykie) James Doyle is a co-founder of It Must Be Heartbreaking and is primarily a frustrated musician and poet from Ypsilanti, Michigan. He is the author of the misinterpreted, and less-than-celebrated chapbook of poetry, It’s Been Escaping Me, published in what he can only verify as “…those drunken couple months after a breakup in the Winter of 2010, or some shit.”Receiving little-to-no success trying to poeticize living as a young adult, having an self-imposed and highly-superficial existential crisis, he spent the better part of five years trying to be a musician under the identity of SLANTFACE. This, too, was an enormous self-confidence and ego-crushing disaster. He still maintains an active YouTube Channel at SLANTFACE Music. More recently, with the help life-long companion, Anthony Spangler, Mykel became the co-founder of the idea and entity now known as It Must Be Heartbreaking or IMBH. His area of expertise includes the wizardry and faux-mastery of most things poetic and sonically-appealing; He irregretably has used this job-title as the reason for entitlement in including an exponentially longer-than-usual-and-allowed Bio.

He doesn’t understand how to properly use hyphens/semi-and-regular colons/commas/the purpose of socks/ or why his shoes smell like petrifying remains.

Those Eyes

by Mykel Doyle

It was something about those deep, dark eyes. They bring to memory a damp November day:
In how they hold me down, just like the

afternoon can slip away underneath a gray
blanket of clouds and the constant depression of a decaying season that weights more than hope can bench-press.

They held me down; Those heavy eyes.
Kept me bound to bed sheets and in
defeat because those eye, those eyes

would never lay in the darkness next to me.
Those dark eyes; They would never fill with
tears from my words; Never be a solution

to mine when they frantically search for an
answer or a place to hide. Those eyes; They
carry with them the pain of defeat, the joy

of victory and the reflecting specter of
where your heart has been and how
it was broken. Those eyes of yours;

They are the foreign lands my feet will never
walk. Those deep, dark eyes of yours; Hold me
prisoner but have won my heart—

Patty Hearst and Stockholm Syndrome. Those eyes
are infectious, fatal, and the singular definition to
the adjective “Infinate”. It was certainly something

in those heavy, deep, dark eyes of yours.
If you’d only come close, I’d gladly keep searching; If
you’ll only ride the bus, again, next Tuesday.

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