“We Watched” by Don Cellini


Don Cellini is a poet, translator and photographer. He is the author of Approximations / Aproximaciones (2005) and Inkblots (2008) both collections of bilingual poems published by March Street Press. His book of prose poems, Translate into English, as well as the bilingual collection Candidates for Sainthood and Other Sinners / Aprendices del santo, and his translation El silencio de las horas / The Silence of the Hours, are all published by Mayapple Press. A chapbook, Stone Poems, was published by FootHills Publishing. 

We Watched

by Don Cellini

We watched
the flickering

shadows on the
cave wall

and delighted
in the scenes.

And when the
saint’s bones

cured the sick,
we filled

with hope.
Last week,

waiting in line
at the Seven Eleven

to buy a mega
lottery ticket,

a friend
saw Elvis

waiting, too.
And when ET

phones home
each week,

we believe
because we

need such
earthly magic.


Don Cellini’s photography has been displayed at Adrian College, Adrian Public Library and Image Gallery in Adrian as well as Downtown Latte, Toledo Public Library, the National Center for Nature Photography in Toledo, and at Notre Dame College in Cleveland. A recipient of fellowships from the King Juan Carlos foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, he is professor emeritus at Adrian College. He divides his time between Toledo and Savannah, Georgia.

To learn more about Don, or how to purchase any of his exceptional books, please visit: doncellini.com.

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