Untitled, by Chelsea Winbigler



 by Chelsea Winbigler

I just want you
to see how
wonderful you are.
But how do I
Do I shower you with
affection? Do I repeat
it until you
believe me? Should I
hold your hand? Or
cradle your head
in my lap until you
fall asleep? How do I
let you know how
much you mean to me?
Because you sat with me
on my kitchen floor
at one a.m.
and stopped me
from scratching at my arm,
from ripping holes in my jeans.
And not many people would
do that for me. So
when I tell you that
I love you, I hope you
know that I mean it.
And maybe we should stop
being so hard on ourselves.


Chelsea Winbigler is an aspiring writer from a small town in Michigan. Her writing mainly takes the form of poetry, creative non-fiction and fiction, focusing on the emotions felt during life experiences. Chelsea has participated in National Novel Writing Month three times, completing her first 50,000 word novel in 2012. More of Chelsea’s writing can be found on her writing blog at: www.inkstainedlungs.tumblr.com.


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