Capaul Releases 10 Year Anniversary Redux of One More Empty Grave


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Local punk band, Capaulcelebrates a decade since the release of the legendary album One More Empty Grave with a delightfully different rendition of their freshman LP. 

Through the years, twin brothers Ben and Nicholas Capaul have been joined with their elder brother Chris to form a family-inspired punk trio known as CapaulI had a chance to ask the brothers a little bit about where they’ve been, where they are, and what the future holds for the “band of brothers.”


We are Monroe County rejects.  We are the cemetery crew.  We are family forever. We are Capaul.
Punk is our specialty.  Typically, our themes revolve around personal experiences: life, love, loss, and embracing change.  We also dabble in the occult. If we had to choose three professional bands that we model after, they would be: the Ramones, the Misfits, and Alkaline Trio.
We originated in rural Ida, MI.  Our family owns and operates a funeral home.  This unique business has influenced much of our musical style.
We’ll leave you with this thought…Why choose gold, sex, and greed when family’s all you need?

You can check out their latest album, the original One More Empty Grave, and their sophomore album, Surgeon Generals Warning, can be found here:
Capaul Bandcamp
On iTunes


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