Welcome and thanks for visiting It Must Be Heartbreaking. We’re an emerging online literature and arts magazine, and proud to announce our first project, Half-Baked, with you. 

The goal for Half-Baked is simple. In fact, it’s so simple, IMBH is forecasting that 2/3 of those who read this post will email us a list of reasons why we shouldn’t be in charge of a .com that engages with the public.

Half-Baked is a vessel for emerging writers, poets and musicians to share their completed, original, work without a heavy-handed editorial process. Were you three whiskeys deep at 3:00 a.m. today, and found yourself writing an interesting poem? Have your recent Facebook rants about [insert noun] become so long that they’re bordering on an opinion essay? Are you Chuck Klosterman?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then IMBH would love to have your work in Half-Baked. Please visit our submission page to learn more. Sadly we cannot offer payment for published work at this time, but will try our best to pay you back in sharing your good name.

We have many hopes and plans in store for the future, including print publishing, but kicking IMBH off with Half-Baked just makes too much sense to wait any longer. If you’re interested in becoming a founding contributor, or know someone who might be, we hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for visiting. We’re looking forward to seeing your work.


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